Recent & Current Projects

Infinergy Consulting has recently undertaken the following major studies for various clients:

  A study for the South African Department of Energy to:
      determine an appropriate level of return on assets for bioethanol and biodiesel manufacturing plants
      assess the operational costs of the manufacturing plants
      determine the break-even point of each plant
      develop subsidy mechanisms for bioethanol and biodiesel
      propose working rules to implement monthly and annual adjustments.

  A study for the South African Department of Energy to assess the blending value of bioethanol with locally manufactured and imported gasoline at refineries and depots in South Africa. This involves inter alia linear program modelling of all the refineries, estimation of additional capital and operating expenses, and financial modelling over various scenarios and fuel specifications.

  Advising a listed engineering company on acquisitions and investments in the energy field, including renewable energy investments and fossil liquid fuels trading and infrastructure opportunities.

  Advising a major development corporation on bioethanol and biogas investments.

  A study on the use of natural gas (CNG) and biomethane as a transport fuel, including full economics of the value chain and best practices to introduce gas vehicles in South Africa.

  Advising National Treasury on policies, issues and capital projects relating to the liquid fuels and gas industries.

  An economic cost-benefit analysis of biofuels blending in South Africa.

  A techno-economic analysis of various pathways for algae utilisation for a South African development company.

  Advising venture capital and finance providers on biofuels investments.

  An economic cost-benefit analysis of a petroleum additive in the South African fuel pool for an international chemical company.

  Advising various sugar companies on fuel ethanol investments and strategies.

  An economic cost-benefit analysis of sugarcane to ethanol in South Africa.

  Development of commercialisation strategies for microalgae.

  Determination of a molasses pricing mechanism for the Mauritian government.

  Ethanol marketing studies for privare clients.

  Ongoing assistance to the Department of Energy on biofuels policy development and implementation.

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